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Through parent company Composidie Inc., we offer rapid prototyping of custom designs and dies. Experience, technology, and innovation fuel our engineering and product design capabilities.

Prototyping, Low Volume & High Volume

PrototypesComposidie Inc. engineers custom solutions to fit our customers' volume requirements. With Composidie's broad engineering support, we excel at becoming involved on the front end and assisting in product development from prototype through each step of production.

Our array of capabilitites include:

▪ Etched Parts
  ▣ Typical Material Thickness: 0.005"-0.010"
  ▣ Advanced Material Thickness: 0.002"-0.011"
  ▣ Progression Tolerance: +/- 0.001"
  ▣ Strip Pitch Tolerance: +/- 0.002"
  ▣ Maximum Stair Step Tolerance: 0.0015"
  ▣ 1/2 Etch Depth Tolerance: 30%-60% of
  Material Thickness
▪ Wire EDM
▪ Water Jet
▪ Prototype Tooling
  ▣ Class B & C Designs Utilizing
  Standard Die Sets
  ▣ Single Station Mock-Up Tooling

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