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CTE Facility
Highly trained, professional tool and die makers produce the highest quality progressive dies and tooling to exacting standards and exceedingly small tolerances.

The advantages of utilizing the Composidie family of companies include:

▪ In-House Stamping
  ▣ Allows for Constant
  Performance Feedback
  ▣ Leads to Any and All Needed
  Improvements of Die Design
▪ Carbide and High-Speed Steel
  Cutting and Forming Components
▪ Capability of Building Steel Tools
▪ Flexibility to Design to Customer Standards
▪ Assistance With Part Development

Custom Project Planning

Prototypes and pre-production quantities can be acquired quickly and economically by purchasing only part specific blanking and forming tools and running them in CTE-owned development dies.

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▪ High Speed, Progressive Stamping & Forming Dies
▪ High Speed Bandolier Dies ▪ Assembly Dies
▪ Compound Dies ▪ Prototype Dies


Auto Cad and Visionael allow us to design in and work with all common file formats.

Advanced Techniques

Composidie has the ability and experience to utilize state-of-the-art techniques in in-die monitoring, computerized feedback and tracking and in-line post-stamping processing.

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